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How much does a haircut cost in Dubai?

When you’re in Dubai, navigating through the myriad of options for a simple haircut can be quite an adventure. But that’s nothing to fear, we have put together a list of all the services you could possibly want from a salon and how much each service is gonna cost you.

Whether you’re a resident looking for a regular trim or a tourist seeking a fresh look while exploring the city, you can instantly access this blog to check the haircut prices in Dubai with the click of a button!

Importance of knowing haircut costs for both residents and tourists

Understanding the haircut costs in Dubai is essential for both residents and tourists alike. For residents, it helps in budget planning, ensuring that routine grooming doesn’t break the bank. For tourists, knowing the prices beforehand prevents any unexpected expenses during their visit.

General Price Range For Ladies Haircut

Let’s start with the ladies. Haircut prices in Dubai for women can vary widely depending on the hair salon and the specific services chosen. Here’s a general price range to give you an idea of what to expect:

Fringe Cut

Snip, snip! Time for a quick fringe trim? Well, a simple fringe cut in Dubai could set you back anywhere from 80 to 100 AED, depending on where you choose to get it done.

Cut & Blow Dry Short

Short hair, don’t care! If you’re rocking a short ‘do and need a basic cut and blow dry, you might be looking at spending between 350 to 470 AED in Dubai.

Cut & Blow Dry Long

Long locks need some TLC? For those with lengthy hair, a cut and blow dry could range from 380 to 500 AED in Dubai.

Blow Dry

Just need a quick blow-dry to freshen up your style? Prices typically range from 140 to 200 AED in Dubai, so you can look fab without breaking the bank.


Feeling boho with some braids? Depending on the intricacy of the style, prices can vary between 150 to 250 AED in Dubai, so you can rock that bohemian vibe with ease.

Hair Updo

Is a special event coming up? Glam up with a hair updo, which might set you back around 300 to 450 AED in Dubai, ensuring you look fabulous for any occasion.

General Price Range For Men’s Haircut

Guys, keeping your hair sharp and stylish is just as important. Whether you need a basic cut, a shave, or some beard grooming, there are plenty of options out there. Here’s a rundown of how much men’s grooming services and haircuts cost in Dubai, so you can stay looking your best without any surprises.


For a standard men’s haircut, you’re looking at shelling out around 130 AED in Dubai, keeping you looking sharp without breaking the bank.

Head Shaving

Prefer the bald look? A clean shave will cost you about 90 AED in Dubai, so you can rock that smooth style with confidence.

Beard Classic

Keeping that beard neat and tidy? A classic trim might cost you approximately 70 AED in Dubai, ensuring your facial hair is always on point.

Beard Style

Want to add some flair to your facial hair? Prices for a styled beard can range around 100 AED in Dubai, so you can show off your unique style.

Cut & Beard Classic

Combining a haircut with a classic beard trim could cost between 175 to 200 AED in Dubai, giving you a fresh look from head to chin.

Cut & Beard Style

If you’re opting for a styled beard along with your haircut, prices might fall within the same range as a cut and beard classic in Dubai, so you can rock that suave look effortlessly.

Wash & Style

Just need a quick wash and style to freshen up? Well, that’s a steal at around 70 AED in Dubai, ensuring you look your best every day.

General Price Range For Kids Haircut

Kids deserve to look cool too, right? So, parents, when it’s time for your kiddos to get a haircut, here’s what you can expect to pay. We’re talking about keeping those little locks neat and tidy without spending too much.

Kids Haircut

For a trim for the kiddos, you’ll be looking at spending between 100 to 120 AED in Dubai, ensuring your little ones look adorable without breaking the bank.

Kids Blow Dry

If your mini-me wants a little extra pizzazz with a blow dry, add another 100 AED to the tab in Dubai, so your kids can feel like royalty with their stylish hairdos.


So, whether you’re a lady looking for a chic new hairstyle, a gentleman in need of a tidy haircut, or a parent bringing your kids for a trim, knowing the approximate haircut costs in Dubai can help you plan your grooming routine without any surprises.

Just remember, these prices are general estimates and can vary depending on factors such as salon reputation, location, and additional services availed.